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I am Holly, Yoga & Pilates practitioner and Massage Therapist.

I found my passion for movement when I trained as an instructor with 'Modern Pilates', this is a clinical approach to the Pilates Method which gave me a great insight into the anatomical workings of the body & providing me with a fantastic foundation as a teacher. I began my career  teaching small group and private classes for a Physiotherapy clinic, where I also worked giving a variety of massage treatments & building my own Yoga experience.

In 2015 I spent a month teaching Pilates for a healthy holiday company in Greece (whom I still work with!)  where I got to attend many different Yoga classes everyday with wonderful, inspiring teachers.... from here I was hooked and I went on to complete my advanced Yoga teacher certificate (Yoga Alliance 500 hours) in Incredible India... the country where Yoga originates from and a place which has brought to me huge influence in my teaching as well as my own personal life and Yoga practice, part of my inspiration when running & collaborating  for yoga holidays, wellness retreats and fitness camps in UK and Europe.

My dream for 'Align Body and Mind' is to bring to you safe, effective and enjoyable Pilates and Yoga classes, I have experienced huge benefits to my own physical and mental wellbeing from these wonderful practices & hope to share this with as many people as possible...I have lots on my timetable meaning there is something for eveeryBODY to try! Whether you're looking to reduce stress or pain, increase your strength or flexibility, relax and unwind or even to meet some like minded people, there is something for you.

I teach regular weekly classes in Derbyshire...check out the class timetable for updates and NEW additions & head to the retreat/event section for exciting Yoga workshops & holidays!! 


Hatha Yoga

Finding balance for body and mind... this method allows time to hold each asana (pose) and focus on correct alignment. (Great for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners)

Hatha Flow Yoga

Flowing through poses in time with your breath (whilst keeping the alignment principles of Hatha), a great way to gently increase your heart rate, open up your body and focus your mind.

Yin Yoga

Targets our connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia) rather than our big movement muscles. In Yin yoga we hold fewer poses for longer periods of time aiding in increased mobility, lowering stress levels, calm and balance for the mind.

Yoga Nidra

Ultimate relaxation is found in this guided meditation, the perfect way to unwind

Pregnancy Yoga

Guiding you through Yogic postures, breathing techniques (pranayama) and deep relaxation to help reduce stress, worries and issues such as back pain associated with pregnancy... as well as breathing practices, meditations and practical positions and props to help with birth. A time to connect with your body, your baby & other women sharing this experience at the same time...

***Suitable from 14 weeks***

Mat Pilates

Focusing on strengthening our deep, stabilising and core muscles, helping to improve posture, muscle tone and to relieve pain.

Studio Pilates

Pilates reformer equipment and will establish good motor skills giving you strength and confidence...teaching you to move in multi planes and multi directions, keeping it functional for every day life. Building core strength and stability are key.


Perhaps you are new to Yoga/Pilates and would like some

1-1 or 1-2 or small group sessions with a friend or partner before you join a group class....

Or for the more experienced practitioner looking to take your practice to the next level.

Slots available to suit your needs, we will work together to create bespoke classes for you.

From £40.

As well as regular classes I have lots more events, workshops & retreats for you, click below to see.....


Restorative Yoga allows you to slow....everything...down.... to relax your body and mind to create a space for healing and rejuvenation... The aroma's offer both stimulation and elevation for the mind, helping to feel more balanced, centred and connected on all levels.

The perfect way to finish your weekend & restore you for the week ahead, Yin Yoga provides a deep & connect release both physically & mentally...Yoga Nidra will guide you to a peaceful dreamlike state of relaxation...

JAN 2021:

I am currently off on Maternity leave but have some Yoga & Pilates Class Packages available to buy & access til I return to teaching later in the year.

Click below for Outdoor Classes this summer! 


5.45-7pm Hatha Flow Yoga ONLINE



12-1pm Lunchtime Yoga/Pilates ONLINE

6.15-7.30pm Pregnancy Yoga ONLINE



6.15-7.30pm Flow & Let Go Yoga ONLINE


10-11.15am Gentle Yoga ONLINE

4.30-5pm Kids/Family Yoga ONLINE

6.15pm Pilates ONLINE


9.30am Hatha Yoga ONLINE



Pre Recorded Yin & Yoga Nidra ONLINE

Booking Required for all Holly for booking & Information: 07917102121

 ''Holly is extremely professional, and offers a calming atmosphere where you can relax and really enjoy the massage and your body being taken care of. I will most certainly be going back again for another massage and could not recommend her fantastic services more''

Georgia, Teacher - 30

"Holly has a lovely technique when teaching her yoga classes & retreats. I first met Holly by attending her Monthly Yin/Yoga nidra classes. These classes are perfect & Holly’s yoga nidra is amazing. She speaks her yoga nidra from start to end - it is not a tape. I have also attended Holly’s Day Retreats. The balance is perfect & her teaching is so refreshing. "


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