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"Having had several massages and completed many pilates sessions with Holly I can only speak high praise of her. While being very personal Holly retains a high level of professionalism. The pilates sessions are invigorating yet relaxing. Along with regular massage both have helped my troublesome back no end. I have also recommended Holly to family and friends."  


"Holly teaches with a calmness that radiates through the room. Her knowledge and love for yoga leaves you feeling completely safe, at ease and ready to follow the beautiful journey her classes take you on. Go to this chicks class and you will fall in love with Yoga (and her)"


"Holly is a very kind and knowledgeable Yoga teacher. Her understanding of anatomy and Yoga are immense and patience and approach with students feels very delicate and personal."


"I've been lucky enough to experience both Holly's Pilates classes and her healing sports massage. I love Pilates with Holly as she teaches in a relatable way for me to understand but manages to keep the class fun and challenging.  Thank you Holly! Keep inspiring and rocking it!"


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