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How practising gratitude changed my life...

Before I start I would like to say that I have had a lovely life, but in the last 3 years things have taken a huge turn to the positive; I found my dream career started to build up my business, have amazing friends & family supporting me & feel settled & comfortable in my own skin.

Rewind to 2013 and I was living in Sydney, Australia, great right?? Right, however, I was working in a job I didn't enjoy, unsure of what I really wanted to do as a career, I was very homesick and generally worrying about things that hadn't even happened yet...sound familiar???

So many of us do this; fret over future problems that don't even exist...when I was introduced to the book "The Secret" slowly but surely things started to change.

(As I said my life was to a bad one at all but there were areas getting me down and taking up a lot of my time with stress and worry.)

"The Secret" talks about focusing on the positive areas in your life and practising daily gratitude.

"Start each day with a grateful heart"

I like to start the day by thanking the universe (you may want to thank God or another entity) for all the things I have; A great boyfriend, supportive friends and family, healthy body, fantastic opportunities....You can do this anytime, anywhere and as many times per day as you like; Whilst you're in the shower, making breakfast, running, meditating, driving ... my favourite is when I'm floating in the ocean or watching the sun go down!

(The morning is a good time as it sets you up for the day in a great frame of mind!)

When you start practising gratitude, you realise how much you actually have in your life.

Slowly but surely I began to appreciate how lucky I am, and when I stopped worrying about what I was going to do with my life it all started to come to me organically...I started exercising to be healthy and feel good, instead of because I hated my body! The more I started to take care of myself my interest in wellness grew; I studied nutrition and trained in Pilates and Sports Massage, and later as a Yoga Teacher going on to work with and learn from amazing professionals in Physio Clinics, Retreats, Studios & Gyms!

My work is my passion and makes me happy - for this I am most grateful!

"Positive breeds positive, negative breeds negative" - We have all experienced a situation when someone is angry or in a bad mood and there is a knock on effect on the next person and so on....Similarly I'm sure you will remember a time when you're with someone who starts giggling uncontrollably, this can be infectious and soon the whole room is in fits of laughter; positivity breeds positivity!

What I'm saying to you is that even if you haven't got it all figured out, even if some areas of your life aren't quite going the way you had hoped, each day we have so much to be grateful for; simple things from a cuddle with your pet, singing to your favourite song, a coffee and a catch up with your best friend to a wonderful day out, holiday or job promotion. CHOOSE TO SEE THE GOOD STUFF!!!

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